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Your Gentleness Had Made Me Great

A word to my warrior friends

David made this confession and observation in Psalm 18

Your gentleness has made me great.” (v.35b)

If you read the entire Psalm (and you should) David talks in great detail about how God taught his “hands to make war” (v.34) and how God armed him “with strength for the battle.” (v.39) In all the field manuals on how to be a great warrior somehow I think being gentle never quite made the list. And yet, here is David attributing his greatness (in battle) to the gentleness God showed him.

This is a message to my warrior friends. Yes, God has called you to war. Yes, He has prepared you for such a time as this to rout the enemy. But – hear me – without God’s gentleness you will never be great. His gentleness in our lives balances us. It keeps our heart soft. Yes, we are warriors but we are first and foremost lovers – lovers of Jesus.

Allow His gentleness to make (form) greatness in you. Sit at his feet often. Invite His presence. You will find that He often wants to show Himself as the Lamb. I had a conversation with the late Christine Potter. She said that she went back and forth from warfare (think Don Potter) music and soaking music. She said she allowed the Holy Spirit to direct this. But in doing so she maintained a spiritual balance. My friends, we need this balance like never before.

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