Bristol, Virginia

Month: November 2021

Prayers of Paul – Power Toward Us – Part 5

The third thing that Paul prayed in Eph 1 was that the believer would know the “…exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe.” (Eph 1:19a) It is impossible for our minds to comprehend God’s exceeding greatness… Read More

Prayers of Paul – Knowing our Value – Part 4

We are continuing with the prayers of Paul. I don’t think we can ever come to an end of them. Layer after layer keeps unfolding new truth and depth. Today we will focus on the value that God… Read More

Shalom to the Storm

Last night I attended a powerful little meeting at a local church. The visiting minister, Angelo Parisi, a prophet/minstrel, spoke about the storm that rose against Jesus and the disciples. It was not your average storm. It was… Read More