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Prophetic Word: Spiritual Masting – Acorns Dropping

For the last week or so acorns have been dropping like wild in my part of the country (New York). I felt from the Spirit there was something prophetic in this mass dropping. So I did a little searching into what causes this phenomenon.

Turns out it is called “masting.” According to masting “refers to the synchronous production of large numbers of seeds or fruit by a population of plants.” Experts are not sure exactly why or how this synchronous production takes place. It happens every 4-5 years.

But as I was reading that description the Holy Spirit began speaking to me there is a spiritual masting taking place in the church. God is synchronizing our hearts. The dropping of the acorns represents the dropping of the Word. Many in the church have the Word of God hidden and haven’t dropped it.


This is a critical time we live in. We must allow the Lord to knit our hearts in love, causing us to synchronize in the Spirit. God can really do something in and through the church that is in unity.


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